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Discover strategic excellence with Mar Bridge Line (MBL), a premier Non-Vessel Operating Ocean Carrier (NVOCC) headquartered in Panama. Committed exclusively to Latin America and the Caribbean, we redefine service with a personalized touch. Welcome to MBL – where strategic, personalized service is our commitment.


Ocean Services

Experience Unrivaled FCL Transportation with Mar Bridge Line! As a dedicated Ocean Shipping Company, we seamlessly connect the vibrant regions of North and South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Your cargo is being shipped in brand-new containers. We are local experts.

Explore Our Extensive Network:
Manzanillo (Panama)
Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta (Colombia)
Moin (Costa Rica)
Puerto Cortes (Honduras)
Santo Tomas de Castilla (Guatemala)
Oranjestad (Aruba)
Willemstad (Curaçao)
Kralendike (Bonaire)
Caucedo, Rio Haina (Dominican Republic)
Port au Prince (Haití)
Kingston (Jamaica)
Point Lisas, Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago)
Georgetown (Guyana)
Paramaribo (Surinam)
Bridgetown (Barbados)

End-to-end Service

At Mar Bridge Line, we don’t just offer Full Container Load (FCL) services — we provide door-to-door quality service. We will pick up your container at any location in our network and deliver it on time to the final destination. In short, MBL is your one-stop shop in the region.

Choose Mar Bridge Line for FCL services beyond transportation — we’re your gateway for logistics excellence!

Other Inland Services

Stripping and Stuffing: Efficient Container Loading and Unloading Services at Mar Bridge Line

Sorting and Stacking: Tailored Sorting and Stacking Services

Warehouse and Distribution: Optimized Warehouse Solutions and Streamlined Distribution Services

Customs Clearance


and Values


To be the top specialist and primary reference in the Ocean and Logistics market and set the industry´s service quality standard in Latin America and the Caribbean with a highly personalized service.

To provide clients with personalized service and efficient communication at a competitive price.


Integrity: We guarantee responsive and professional service offers based on honest commercial partnerships and relationships, dependable and accurate information.

Trust: We value confidence and aspire to be the eyes and ears of our customers when delivering our services in markets that require a high level of knowledge and specialization.

Compliance: Our activity is based on a fully compliant approach with total respect and enforcement of local and international Laws and Regulations. Commitment to Excellence, customer focus, drive, and a can-do attitude.

Commitment to Excellence: We aspire to achieve the highest degree of quality in all that we do. We aim to become the true market reference and, thus, the region’s most recommended and valued partner and service provider.

Customer Focus: Our company, teams, and services are built around a customer-centric philosophy. Top-class customer service requires active listening and attention to detail to meet all clients’ demands. We aim to become an integral part of our customers ‘success.

Drive and a can-do attitude: If it can be done, we Will offer our utmost to achieve it. In principle, and always within the applicable legal and trade frame, our commitment is to satisfy our customers’ needs to the highest standards.

A Strong Partner for a Fragmented Market

Latin America and the Caribbean is a very fragmented market full of challenges and opportunities alike. Most of the countries comprising this sub-region are predominantly dedicated to basic extractive industries such as agricultural and mining production and import activities dedicated to cater to the tourism sector.

Due to the particular conditions of the transport market in the área and the relatively underdeveloped infrastructure, combined with the size of the many small local markets, the impact of logistics and transportation costs on the final price of goods is between three to four times higher than the average at OECD countries or the United States.

Furthermore, delays in customs clearance, local transportation costs and the relatively little use of 3PL and 4PL solutions add to the challenges facing the logistics industry in the región.

Recently, large manufacturing firms have started to place increasing interest in some of the Caribben nations for production, mainly focused on the US garments market. The influence of the Panama Canal expansión, the presence of a larger market in Colombia, and the expected recovery of toursim activities in the Caribbean islands are set to fuel a rebound after the current Covid-19 global crisis.

Mar Bridge Line comes into this scenario with the intention to be the specialist that helps both local and international companies grow their business and enhance their value generation in this market by offering top-notch ocean and logistics services.

Now more than ever is the time for strong partnerships with true specialists with a clear focus on a market as complex and promising as Latin America and the Caribbean.

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